NEW: SATORI-2pro : V + X-tail versions / glider + electro

SATORI is one of the most successful F3J and F5J-models.Pilots like it especially for its good penetration and gliding performance but last but not least because it is a very elegant and beautiful glider with outstanding design. We always optimized the model during the last year and now it time for a more visible facelift: the SATORI-2pro !

The new wingtip with modified airfoil and wingspan of 3,80m is the hightlight of the new version. Also there is a new fuselage with bigger rudder fin and longer v-tail boom. also the nose is pre-cut for 30mm spinners.For pure gliders there is a additional glider nose.

New SATORI-2pro offer more lift in comparison to 3,60m-version SATORI-1. It is optimized for F3J and F5J soaring but it still keeps the beloved alround and dynamic performance which make the SATORI so popular !

You may choose between standard linkage version for wings and clean iDS-version wing ! Also the new wingtip offers the possibility to create a 6-servo wing.
The landings (brake) with new 6-servo wing are amazing !

Also constructionis optimized: we offer now several evrsion of carboline spreadtow and wing is produced with new colour and paint-system for even better surface and shine.

We can do various personal version but for short time delivery you may also choose the most popular version from our COLLECTION an !

up to 6V: S3150, KST-135 und DES-428 mg bb
HV: S3172, S3173, JR-189,KST-215/225 und KST X08-v3
flying weight: F5J (V) ab ca 1400g / F3J ab ca 1650g / Alround ab ca 1950g

Following version are available:
C26 F5J ( superlight F5J-spar)
C45 F5J ( Standard F5J-spar)
C64 Spreadtow F5J ( Standard F5J-spar)
C45 F5J/electro ( light F3J-spar)
CC45 F3J/electro ( light or Standard F3J-spar)
C64 Spreadtow F3J/electro ( light or Standard F3J-spar)
C75 F3J/electro ( light or Standard F3J-spar)

Weiter Infos zu den verschiedenen Bauweisen gibt es hier....!

For standard all-day flying you may install elevator servo driectly into v-tails! This allow easy transportation and also more room for battery under the canopy !

Transportation systems for your models:

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New version with optimized V-tails and fuselage in NT-Technology (vacuum ).
Very successful flown in 2013 F5J and F3J competitions !

Choose the best construction and version for your flying style !

You may choose your favourite colours !

For electro version we offer the option to install 2 servos directly into v-tails ! This helps to release the v-tails much easier for transport and offer free space in canopy area ! Only small part of micro quicklink is visible on v-tail bottom : a perfect solution !

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One of the most successful F3J and F5J gliders !

State-of-the-art F3J-glider

3,60m span
3-piece wing
carbon technology
Stefan Eder design-Max Steidle airfoils
unique design, handling and performance for competition, alround and electro!

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Satori in action

Mike Verzuh/USA and superlight SATORI:

Video of SATORI from Bernhard Klar:

For more videos of Satori and other Aer-O-Tec-Models see Youtube-Kanal of user "Orcaf3j" !

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NEW high-performance F3J-glider SATORI

Our new F3J-competition glider has shown a lot of its potential during the last weeks !
Flight tests : Successful flights in windy conditions show Satoris alround performance !
very good handling and stall characteristics , easy to thermal even in windy
conditions, large speed spectrum, and very good glide angle against wind.
new high performance airfoil with very good response on camber changing.

Pre-installed tow-hook, pre-installed cables and connectors, pre-installed horns for aileron and flaps.
Ball-bearing for elevator joiner.

Carbon 68g or 80g version and spread-tow carbon available. Sleek Cross-tail fuselage. 2.4 firendly.

Satori letters on center paneel in carbon design. Comes with protection bags for wing and elevator, servo frames for s3150 and small part package.
Available colours:

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