NEW 2012: Insect electro racer

After long testing and flying of the INSECT f3f glider version we step forward now to INSECT electro racer:
With brushless direct drive Hacker A20-12xl , 3s1p Hyperion1800 Lipo and RFM 10x8 Prop this engine pulls about 23 A max. and offers 170 -230 W performance.
Already lots of fun with INSECT electro racer with this low-price-motor setup ! But there is more to discover with more powerful motors - INSECT is ready to go! Weight is around 850g for glasversion...

4K-carbon -version (about 1000g) offers full camber control like big F3B machines and this leads to amazing performance , speed and still slow gliding capability - anything you do....INSECT always keeps that easy handling characteristics !!!

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New for 2012: INSECT

Still the same in the 60-inch class...??...Now Aer-O-Tec offers a new design for slope, elctro and bungee !
INSECTf3f and INSECTelectro - a new concept with unique design and amazing handling due to special wing airfoils and fully moulded construction!!!

Prototyp is already flying in glider/f3f-version and surprises with very good rudder response and gentle but agile characteristics with amazing performance in speed and thermal !

The model will be delivered in RFT-version:
* Smallparts
* Set-up instructions
* Protection covers for Wing and v-tail !
* Sturdy shipping/transpüortation box !
* NT-carbon fuselage ( 2.4 friendly)!
* Carbon-V-tail !
* Wing servos and linkage installed !
* V-tail servos and elevator linkage installed!
* Installed ballast tube in glider version!


See the latets pictures and informations on our Facebook-Page !

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