Specifications of all Aer-O-Tec model airplanes:

Following specification of our products should help to find your perfect model:
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latest top-model for F3B and F3F made in several layers of high quality spreadtow carbon and unique precision. very successful 2014 in F3F World Championship and international comeptitions. 2 piece wing and 2-piece V-tail.
Delivery time about 3-5 months. !


latest version of our F5J and F3J glider with long competition history. Outstanding gliding performance ! 3,60m wing span and 3-piece wing and v-tail.
Delivery time 4-8 months. !


2,72m wing span, 2-piece v-tail and amazing quality offers a very special F3F, slope and alround model.! Very successful in competitions due to it easy handling.
F3F-C160 version in stock. Individual order about 3-6 months delivery time !


Unser aktuelles High-Tech-Gerät vereint unsere Erfahrungen der letzten Jahre in einem kompakten Modell:
2,97m span and 2 piece wing and v-tail. sleek fuselage with nose cone. differnt versions of f3b and f3F constructions available !
Delivery time about 6 months.


Modern F3B/F3F-glider with 2,97m span, 2 piece wing and crosstail. Easy convertion to electric model !
Delivery time about 6 months.

Crossfire eVo:

bets bargaib and a proven F3B/F3F-competition glider ! Evolution of our well-known CROSSFIRE . Up-to-date with many improvements in detail and aerodynamics. Even electro power conversion is possible ! 3,10m span, aspect ratio 16,2 and 59,6 dm² wingarea.
Delivery time about 6 months.

Crossfire Classic:

World Championship winning model of 2005 - proven F3B, F3F and Alroundmodel. Now available with improved eVo-wings !! Also available in double-carbon version.
Delivery time about 6 months.

Crossfire Elektro:

Fuselage with large canopy is perfect for modern electro drive. Perfect f3B-glider for every-days-flying !
Delivery time about 6 months.


State-of-the-art F3J competition glider with superior launch and distance glide performance!
Unique: 2 different sets of wing tips (3,39m/3,63m) will change your model into the right plane for any conditions!
Delivery time about 6 months.


New X-tail version of successful Orca. Amazing performance and handling !
Delivery time about 6 months.

Orca eX:

Electro drive will convert your model into the ultimate plane for any conditions! Additional hatch on fuselage bottom for receiver and/or servos. Comes with all hardware , small parts and 2 sets of wing tips.

Delivery time about 6 months.


Current F3B-machine from Bretamodel now available from AER-O-TEC to provide perfect consulting and service.
Fuselage with canopy and ballast-system.2-piece wing and v-tail. Large chaord and wing area of 62 dm². aspect-ratio:15 with 3.06m span.
Delivery time about 6 months.

Coming soon: IKURA:
New concept of 4M-high-performance glider using the wings of proven Orca glider. Beautiful fuselage with T-tail. Unique model for slope, thermal, aer-tow, electro-drive....!

Coming soon: CROSSOVER:
2,70m , 2-piece wing and crosstail. These are the feature of a hot and new slope and F3F-glider. Fast and agile. Special electro-fuselage available !

In addition to our exclusive models we will offer selected high-quality accessoiries such as RS-systems from WEATRINIC and EMCOTEC and Electro drives from KONTRONIK.
Also available: differnet servoframes, wing protection bags and even a building service !
have another look at ZUBEHÖR or write or call for a complete offer !

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You may choose from the following colour list for all of our models!

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