NEW 2020: ORCA-pro

ORCA is one of the most polurar Allround-gliders during the past years !
Now we present a new uodate with optimized fuselage and tailplane configuration for even better handling and performance !

A good impression gives these customer videos:

New ORCA-pro is the perfect allround glider for flatfield and slopeflying
Electro or Glider, thermal or aerobatics or slope
Due interchangeable wingtips for 3,64 and 3,95m ORCA-pro is always the right model in your hands.

new facelift 2020 gives ORCA all the features to keep it on the top of your wishlist:
*new ridderfins and ballbearings for elevator connection !
*new modern and good visible colour design !
* bigger ballast tubes in wings!
* longer fuselage boom!
* new elevator !
* new construction C64 Spreadtow and C120 Spreadtow !

New ORCA-pro is offered in 3 versions:

*GPS-Edition: Flying weight from 2400g in C64 construction
*C64-Spreadtow: Flyiung weight around 2600g - Thermal or slope: this version gives you all you need: Low wingloading and strength for slope flying .
*C120-Spreadtow: Flying weight around 3000g - reinforced version for sope and aerobatic use.

Zum Vergleich die Gegenüberstellung des alten und des neuen Rumpfes !

it contains small parts,ballast, protection covers, cable and wing with installed flap and aileron horns for iDS-system !
We offer builing service RTf as well !

For offer and order: Mail

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ORCA is our best selling model and for most pilots it is the best Alround model on the market. To keep this for the future we made a facelift with new v-tail and new wingtip 364 ! Also Fuselage construction is made in NT-technology.

New v-tail offers option to install two micro servos directly into v-tail - this provides enough space in fuselage nose for electro components !
Available are 2 wingtips: 395 and new 364 version- this offers all you need for different weather conditions.

„F3J“: wings in C64 Spreadtow , light spar and fuselage
„Standard“ : wings in C80 Spreadtow, standard spar and fuselage
personal versions and constuction available on request !
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ORCA with 339cm span:
With ballast: Lots of fun on the slope- almost F3B performance .

ORCA with 363cm span:
Universal F3J-glider with outstanding glide angle.

ORCA with 395cm span:
F3J-Superfloater with great handling and performance. fascinating electro glider!

The 3 wing tips:

Examples for design versions:

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ORCA: Development

The legendary predecessors of the Orca in the late 90th were the ESCAPE ( construction: Stefan Eder - airfoil: Max Steidle ) by Jaro Müller, distributed by Euromodell and the private project PACEMAKER 3 ( 4m-F3J-model ).

From the experience with these designs several projects were born ( over the years ) which constantly got tweaked and customized for special demands by the development in F3J-sports.

To best suit all weather conditions in contests and alldays flying the new model was equipped with 2-piece wings similar to the F3B-model CROSSFIRE and exchangeable tips !

This makes it possible to adjust the model to different demands with just little techn. and financial effort !
To minimize flight weight the model was designed with a V-tail and the measurements were optimized accordingly.

Further versions with special electro-fuselage and one with X-tail will follow in medium-term.

The chosen airfoil with average 8,5% thickness and 2,3% camber is optimized for custumization of proper wing depth and distinguishes itself by a particularly low coefficient of moment, good nature and good gliding performance.
In additon just small flap movements are necessary for speed, thermal lift etc.
The ORCA airfoil is based on the section of the brand new F3B-design TOOL F3B-Modell TOOL .
The new flying experience will be started when launching our new ORCA F3J-glider : Perfect launching performance and a kicking zoom thanks to optimized airfoils , high aspect ratio and f3b-like carbon spar !

Thermalling is great and you will be surprise about the good rudder response ! With 3,39m you have some kind of big f3b-model with very good glide angle ( also with low wing loading ) and very forgiving flight characteristics. With 3,63m span you will compete with those special F3J-Floater but you still have the advantage of superior glide angle. Coming down from great altitude is no problem and can be made in F3B-style as well ( full carbon technology ).

Due to large flaps and special design fuselage shape you will love to come to another landing !

The construction of the fuselage is full carbon . The wings are made of carbon as well with wingtips in glas construction with carbon spar !
The V-tail is made of 2 pluggable pieces and controlled by special covered bowden wires.
As known from the CROSSFIRE the ORCA will be delivered with all necessary accessory as well.
  • exchangeable tips included in shipment !
  • 2 wing construction variations(full-CFK 65g or 80g carbon fabric ) available !
  • 2-piece wings and tails
  • complete accessory including ballast and extensive CD !

3-view ORCA 3,39/3,63

Available colours:

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