ORCA is our best selling model and for most pilots it is the best Alround model on the market. To keep this for the future we made a facelift with new v-tail and new wingtip 364 ! Also Fuselage construction is made in NT-technology.

New v-tail offers option to install two micro servos directly into v-tail - this provides enough space in fuselage nose for electro components !
Available are 2 wingtips: 395 and new 364 version- this offers all you need for different weather conditions.

„F3J“: wings in C64 Spreadtow , light spar and fuselage
„Standard“ : wings in C80 Spreadtow, standard spar and fuselage
personal versions and constuction available on request !
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Our bestseller for F3J, Alround und Electro!

*F3J-C68: Standard version for F3J and Electro.
*F3J-C80: strong version for F3J and Alround.

More details, construction versions and building service on request!

examples for colour design:

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general information on ORCA-series

ORCA is a unique and universal model concept!It was developed as a F3J competition plane - but due to its interchangable wing tips is quickly became the favourite alround glider for everybody!
V-tail , X-tail, glider or elctro, wing spans from 3,39m to 3,63m and even 3,95m...: ORCA has it all !!

The perfect combination of F3J and F3B!

Choose from foillowing options:

Model version:
ORCA V: Agile F3J-glider with V-tail.
ORCA X: Crosstail version for f3J and alround soaring.
ORCA eX: Electro version with X-tail.
ORCA-4X: New high-end version with almost 4m span.

more vesions on request!
Carbon-Tec C80: Carbonwing in 80g Carbon technology for slope, alround and F3J soaring in high winds.
Carbon-Tec C68: Wings in 68g Carbon technology for F3J.

wing joiner:
5 or 6 degree

wing tips for 3,39m , 3,63m or 3,95m span

Orca classic:

Orca 2010:

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ORCA with 339cm span:
With ballast: Lots of fun on the slope- almost F3B performance .

ORCA with 363cm span:
Universal F3J-glider with outstanding glide angle.

ORCA with 395cm span:
F3J-Superfloater with great handling and performance. fascinating electro glider!

The 3 wing tips:

Examples for design versions:

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New Orca eX

The long awaited x-tail and electro fusleage for our successful F3J-model ORCA is now finished.
ORCA eX - offers many variations: use it as a classic F3J-competition glider with 3,63m span, or on the slope with 3,39m span or with electric power as your favourite glider for every days! With lightweight 480-motor and 3s-Lipo 2200mAh up to 500-motor with 4s Lipo 3200mAh - the perfect design fuselage can take it all!
We deliver Kontronik Drive-Sets !!Please ask for set price!

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