After opening of our new and bigger showroom we are pleased to announce another news for 2024:
Aer-O-Tec is official distributor or SKYTOUCH-models from

Models are produced in limited number, highest qulity and latest technology.

SKYTOUCH.2 fits perfectly to our portfolio of T-tail models, winglets and compact tranportation capilities !
Model fits into 1,2m transportation suitcase and offers a spann of 4,42m/4,20m !

SkyTouch.2 comes with 2 pair of wingtips:
*Span 4,42m with classic tips
*Span 4,20m with Sharklets

pre-installation is very high ! Please note the included details:
*iDS-linkage for flaps and aileron pre-installed !
*2 x Chaservo for elevator and rudder ready installed !
*Motor firewall ready installed !
*Wings and tails in strong Solid-Core-technology and gap sealing -
SkyTouch.2 is the only model with gap sealing for solidcore wings !
*we offer also the strong transporttion suitcase !

Please stay tuned for more information, pictures and videos on our homepage or facebook and Instagrag channels !

For Information, offer or order please click here: Mail

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New models from stock: January 2024

For order and offer please write here: Mail

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Season Greetings 2023/2024

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