NEW: SHINTO-expert

Is it possible to make a successful model like SHINTO even better ?
YES- often longterm facelifts and optimizing is sometimes better than a - on first sight- spectacular new design !

latest proof for successsfull detail improvments is our latest version of F3B+F3F-glider SHINTO-expert.
optimized dihedral, angles of attack, construction and new designed slim glider fuselage make a fantastic glider with improved performance in all areas. Especially the J-version (startimg at 1600g) is a ideal allround glider: light , strong and sweet handling.

you can choose from following versions:
SHINTO-expert-J: light allround version
SHINTO-expert-BE: new F3B-version.
SHINTO-expert-F: F3F-Version
SHINTO-expert-T: reinforced F3F-version

Perfect transportation systems for your models:
F3X-Rucksack: 169.-

For order and offers write: Mail

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NEW 2020: SHINTO-Epro competition glider for new F3G class

Shinto-Epro is a optimized version for new FAI competition class F3G ( "F3B-electro").
The successful Shinto got new wing joiner with 6 degree dihedral for better thermal performance. Wingspar construction was modified for less weight. strength is almost the same as f3b-version but weight could be reduce to almost 2100g. The fuselage has a ready installed firewall for spinner with 32mm diameter.

On demand we deliver rady installed wings with iDS linkage and KST x10mini servos !
Model comes with ballast, protection cover set and small parts and ready cables.

Florian Schambeck developed a special motor for SHINTO and F3G flying- he is flying and testing the model since december 2019.

We offer all components for competition and sport flying:

*Motor Schambeck Powerline 1520 F3G for 4s Lipo
*Controller YGE 65 LVT
*Logger Altis V4+ 2020
*Altis Powersensor
*Fuselage servos KST X08
*Wing servos KST x10mini
*iDS-linkage and frames from
*Propeller and Spinner from Vladimirs Models or GM
VM16x8,5 for competiton. GM15x10 for Allround and sport fyling

Shinto-Epro is also the perfect model for sport and all-day-flying. With 3s setup weight of slightly under 2,1kg is possible.

The best systems for transport and storage of your model:

F3X-Rucksack: 169.-

Ask for offer or order at: Mail

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NEW SHINTO-pro versions 2018

We present the latest improvement on our successful SHINTO-series:

Shinto -pro featuires a new designed v-tail with new airfoil and planform nd reinforcements. This improves handling and performance especially in light lift conditions.

Shinto-pro is available on all versions: J, B,F and T !:
*SHINTO-J: light electro+glider version for alround soaring: Double carbon CC45+D-Box. VLW in Doppelcarbon ! RTF from 1550g
*SHINTO-B: F3B-Version: Double carbon CC75+D-Box. V-tail doublecarbon CC26 ! RTF from 2150g
*SHINTO-F: F3F-Version: Double carbon CC75/40+D-Box. V-tail doublecarbon CC40, reinforced airframe! RTF from 2280g
*SHINTO-T: verstärkte F3F-Version: Double carbon CC75+D-Box. V-tail doublecarbon strong ! additional reinforced airframe ! RTF from 2450g

see detailled buildiung documentation here

SHINTO is designed anddeveloped from Aer-O-Tec and produced by "Vladimirs models"- please find more details and colour configurator here: Farbkonfigurator
Order at:

All Shinto version can by completed as gliders or electro models !

perfect transportation systems for your models:

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Shinto-T is the super strong F3F-version designed for condition like Typhoon Race in Taiwan or heavy condition on your favourite slope !

Aubry Gabanon/FRA flying new SHINTO-T:

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SHINTO was designed as a pure F3F and f3B competition glider- but latets RC-technology and electro-power drives allow also conversion into a electro-sailplane.
For all-day-flying and pure fun you don`t need the amazing strength of SHINTO F/B so we developed a superlight but still strong double carbon version ala F3J/F5J.
With more than 500g less fling weight you will explore new thermal performance and it is still possible to fly fast and do aerobatics.

Due to low weight new SHINTO-J flies very agil but even more forgiving and with very pleasant handling. In comparision to F3J-models ( high span and high dihedral) you are still able to have fun as the lightweigth SHINTO-J is able to fly on smallest slopes or in limited airspace due to its low drag design.

Shinto-J offers enough strength for all-day-flying but its target is not competiton F3J or F5J- that why we chosse this very name !
Ask for electro power drives and other components for this amazing glider!

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