NEW SHINTO-pro versions 2018

We present the latest improvement on our successful SHINTO-series:

Shinto -pro featuires a new designed v-tail with new airfoil and planform nd reinforcements. This improves handling and performance especially in light lift conditions.

Shinto-pro is available on all versions: J, B,F and T !:
*SHINTO-J: light electro+glider version for alround soaring: Double carbon CC45+D-Box. VLW in Doppelcarbon ! RTF from 1550g
*SHINTO-B: F3B-Version: Double carbon CC75+D-Box. V-tail doublecarbon CC26 ! RTF from 2150g
*SHINTO-F: F3F-Version: Double carbon CC75/40+D-Box. V-tail doublecarbon CC40, reinforced airframe! RTF from 2280g
*SHINTO-T: verstärkte F3F-Version: Double carbon CC75+D-Box. V-tail doublecarbon strong ! additional reinforced airframe ! RTF from 2450g

see detailled buildiung documentation here

SHINTO is designed anddeveloped from Aer-O-Tec and produced by "Vladimirs models"- please find more details and colour configurator here: Farbkonfigurator
Order at:

All Shinto version can by completed as gliders or electro models !

perfect transportation systems for your models:

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Shinto-T is the super strong F3F-version designed for condition like Typhoon Race in Taiwan or heavy condition on your favourite slope !

Aubry Gabanon/FRA flying new SHINTO-T:

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SHINTO was designed as a pure F3F and f3B competition glider- but latets RC-technology and electro-power drives allow also conversion into a electro-sailplane.
For all-day-flying and pure fun you don`t need the amazing strength of SHINTO F/B so we developed a superlight but still strong double carbon version ala F3J/F5J.
With more than 500g less fling weight you will explore new thermal performance and it is still possible to fly fast and do aerobatics.

Due to low weight new SHINTO-J flies very agil but even more forgiving and with very pleasant handling. In comparision to F3J-models ( high span and high dihedral) you are still able to have fun as the lightweigth SHINTO-J is able to fly on smallest slopes or in limited airspace due to its low drag design.

Shinto-J offers enough strength for all-day-flying but its target is not competiton F3J or F5J- that why we chosse this very name !
Ask for electro power drives and other components for this amazing glider!

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New model SHINTO is designed without compromise for competition F3B and F3F.

We put all our effort in to receive the best in design, construction and aerodynamics.
The slim fuselage and ellipitcal wingshape are the highlights of this model together with a striking colour pattern and many high-tech details.

All parts of the model are laminated in multiple carbon layers for best weight and strength.
Model was tested in all conditions from slope to competition F3B and F3F and will be now delivered in a complete model set.

Set includes:
*Fuselage(2.4) with installed linkage, tow-hook. pre-fabricated cables !
*Wing (Double carbon Spreadtow CC+) with installed rds-pocket (LDS also possible). pre-fabricated cables
*V-tail (Double carbon Spreadtow CC) with ready installed linkage
*2,1 kg ballast
*small parts, servo tray
*protection covers

Contents of accessoires kit:
1 - Wing joiner;
2 - Tail ball pushrod adapters;
3 - Tail clevises;
4 - Couplers M2 for carbon rod;
5 - Flat wing servo hatches;
6 - Servohatch sticker;
7 - Fuselage servo tray;
8 - V-tail hatch.

Contents of part kit:
1 - Fuselage;
2 - Right stabilizer;
3 - Left wing tip;
4 - Left stabilizer;
5 - Fuselage servo tray;
6 - Wing joiner;
7 - Contest of accessoires Shinto kit;
8 - Right wing tip.

Optional accesoiry:
+Servoset ( KST / MKS / JR )
+Servo frames

+Ids-set (
+Building service RDS(LDS-installation / RTF - ask for offer !
SHINTO kit F3F personal colours: 1950.-
ask for price and delivery time of RTF model!

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SHINTO technology

Shinto F3B/F3F wing joiner construction

1 - Joiner caps of high modulus carbon fiber (for F3B) and high-strength carbon (for F3F);

2 -Joiner shear web with ballast box of carbon braids;

3 - Joiner vertical caps of high-strength carbon perceive shock during landing.

Shinto fuselage tail part construction

1,2 - Outer and inner layers of Carboline 65 2/45 perceive the torsional loads of the V-tail;

3 - The longitudinal layers of high modulus carbon fiber provide high stiffness of the fuselage.

Shinto F3B/F3F wing construction

1 - Outer layer of Carboline 65 2/45 with D-box reinforced on the front part;

2 - The wing back shear web;

3 - The inner layer of Carboline 39 2/45;

4 - The flap hinge;

5 - The flap shear web;

6 - The sandwich material;

7 - The spar bottom cap of high modulus carbon fiber;

8 - The spar top cap of high modulus carbon fiber;

9 - High-strength epoxy glue for the sparr;

10 - Main spar shear web of balsa plywood with direction ±45 degree;

11 - The wing ballast box.

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