CROSSFIRE eVo ( v-tail) F3B/F3F

CROSSFIRE eVo ( F3B : single carbon )
span:3100 mm
wingarea:59,58 dm²
avar. chord:192,2 mm
aspect ratio:16,13
weight:ca. 2050 g
v-tail area:5,70 dm²
length:1490 mm
wing airfoil:M1783
stab airfoil:Sym M8%

This is the latest version of our successful F3B-WC-winning competition glider Crossfire :

New full carbon fuselage with longer tail boom and v-tail angle of 102 degrees.

new flap and aileron geometry with additional giga-flaps.
wing prepared for rds-systems ( available optional )we deliver also several servo frames...!

new design of carbon canopy for better handling when holding the model in front of wing.

available in standard f3b lay-up ( 80g carbon ) or double carbon ( 80g +68g carbon layers or 68&68 carbon for ultimate f3b performance )
all the proven features of CROSSFIRE combined with the latest experience from f3b-competition !

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Crossfire F3B classic ( x-tail )

2009 update on famous CROSSFIRE f3b :
Model consists now of X-tail fuselage with new Crossfire eVo wings - called "CROSSFIRE classic" !
Available in "F3B"-Carbon construction or "exteme" double carbon construction !

Linkage of aileron and flaps is possible in standard linkage or rds-system !

Also available in well-know Crossfire design as shown below !

Technical data:

wingspan:3100 mm
wing area:59,58 dm?
average chord:192,2 mm
aspect ratio:16,13
flight weight:ca. 2100 g
elevator area:5,30 dm?
elevator aspect ratio:6,35
fuselage lenghts:1460 mm
wing airfoil:M1783
elevator airfoil:Sym 8%

available colours:

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Crossfire electro

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Architecture and Equipment

Architecture: ( F3B/J-Version )


  • 2-pieces
  • full carbon construction
  • UHM-carbon fibre spar
  • wing-connector
  • room for ballast in wing and -connector

Fuselage with CFK-canopy

  • coal-kevlar-architecture
  • rudder and elevator-linkage allready set up


  • moulded construction
  • 5mm-CFK-joiner (round)
  • flap-/aileron-hinges at wing bottom
  • linkage/horns at upper surface
  • adjustable tow-hook

All inclusive:

  • cables
  • connectors
  • linkage
  • ballast
  • small parts
  • documentation-CD
  • construction-manual
  • settings, photos, graphics...
Example for a Set-up-Datasheet ( is included for all flight phases ! )
Newsletter including update-service with setup- and setup-hints via e-mail for free!
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Demanded was a agile model with neutral flight qualitys for maximum results in speed- and distance flights.
Good natured handling and an airfoil also suitable for slow flights should allow mastering duration flights.

The chosen arrangement of the aileron- and flaplenghts in connection with giga flaps and the neutral hingeline results in a neutral steering with very good agility for perfect and firm distance- and speedturns.
The optimized hull-lenghts contributes to this as well!

Outstanding directional stability (distance flight) and circle-flight characteristics (thermal flight) are made possible by the incomplex adjusted X-tail.
Who ever flew the same model once with a X-tail then with a V-tail knows what we are taking about!

Last but not least the elementary wing airfoil with 1,7% camber that already works at low wing loadings.
The included 800g brass ballast ( ballast-space in wing ) is usually enough even in heavy wind !

The moderate profile thickness of 8,3% allows harmonic handling and a wide trim-area.

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