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Antonio Robinat Felip

In response to: NEW: COBRA F5J

Antonio Robinat Felip [Visitor]

Quisiera saber el precio de dicho modelo COBRA

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In response to: New: SHINTO-T

Brett [Visitor]

Hi ,
i have recently bought a Shinto T series and love it .
i,m still fine tuning it at the moment , im lost as in what is the best CG for this glider ?
I have CG set at 80 mm from the leading edge and it seems to fly quite well does this seem normal for this glider to have the CG this far Forward ? Any advise would be greatly appreciated .


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In response to: NEW 2017: TAKEO

Johny [Visitor]

I wish to know the price and availability date.
Thank you,

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Dan Neelands

In response to: NEW 2017: TAKEO

Dan Neelands [Visitor]

I wish to know the price and availability date.
Thank you,

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Lee W

In response to: IKURA- now available !

Lee W [Visitor]

Beautiful model…

Will the Orca wings work on the Ikura fuselage?

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David Tiffin

In response to: New colour for CROSSOVER

David Tiffin [Visitor]


I am interested in purchasing a double carbon CROSSOVER with pre installed servos.
I would also like to pick custom colors.
Thank You

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In response to: New CROSSFIRE-2 available!

Dameme [Visitor]

Avaibility and price for ikura

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In response to: Aer-O-Tec NEWS

Dameme [Visitor]

Happy new year
I want to order one or two Ikura write color, but with short end of wing like Orca
Please Avaibility and price
Where are you located?
Best regards

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In response to: e-mail contact and communication

Gonzalo [Visitor]

Hello, I am interested in the Shinto F3B ready to fly.
How much time from order to shipping? Cost?

Greetings from Chile,
Gonzalo Simon

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Mauroux Gilles

In response to: e-mail contact and communication

Mauroux Gilles [Visitor]


Could you communicate to me the price of a fuselage in spare part of a model “Tanga”.
Price net of tax for Switzerland and delivery time.
Price without stabilizer, key of wing.
Thank you

Best Regards


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In response to: e-mail contact and communication

Claude MOINIER [Visitor]

Dear all,

It is my intention to order the SATORI-eVo electro, F5J version carbon 68 with the option to install 2 servos directly into v-tails. Could you please inform me how to proceed?

Thank you & kind regards,
Claude Moinier

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Kobe 9

In response to: Special prices for Weatronic RC-components !!!

Kobe 9 [Visitor]

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Lebron 11

In response to: Special prices for Weatronic RC-components !!!

Lebron 11 [Visitor]

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In response to: Special prices for Weatronic RC-components !!! [Visitor]

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