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NEW 2022

We present our News for 2022 :

The new V-tail-version of our successful F5J-and GPS-light-class model provides a allround glider for all-day-flying !
Span 3,97m in Carbon-SolidCore-construction.

Electric "DLG"-model with 2-piece wing and v-tail !
Span 1,50m in Carbon-SolidCore-construction.

*DELPHIN race 3.6*

On customer demand: The new 3,6m version gives even better allround performance !
Span 3,60m in Carbon-hollow-core construction.

All Gliders can now be ordered in Neon-Yellow design colour ! More design versions for various models follwow soon....

Mehr Bilder, Infos und Videos finden sie in Kürze hier auf der Homepage oder auf unserer Facebook und Instagram-Seite !

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