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NEW 2017: CROSSFIRE-2Vpro-electro

F3B-models are the real alround tools in the glider world- but for long time these models were build with high strength and pretty high weight. Now more and more pilot favour a lightweight F3B-model in F3J construction for all-day thermal flying because the sleek low-drag airframe design offers a great speed and aerobatic performance and with the new lightweight constructions these models are able to work the lightest lift on small slopes or on the thermal field !
Aer-O-Tec brings now the latest version of CROSSFIRE-2pro: with its long fuselage tail boom it is perfect for this kind of flying.
Final highlight of the new CROSSFIRE-2pro series is the Electro edition of the V-tail-version ! A new nosecone with ready-cut nose for 30mm spinners offers the possibility for alround electro flying with a V-tail “F3B”-glider. The lightweight construction allows all day flying even in light lift conditions:
CROSSFIRE-2Vpro E-F3J C64 spreadtow : ca 1840g
CROSSFIRE-2Vpro E-F3J CC45 carboline : ca 1680g
CROSSFIRE-2Vpro F5J C45 carboline : ca 1460g

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