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New Crossfire-2eX: F3B,F3F,Electro...!

Well known and proved Crossfire-2 is now available with X-tail fuselage and canopy. This allows to use this high performance glider for F3B and f3F as well as for electric powered gliding ! Set contains 1,6 kg of brass ballast ! It comes also with… mehr »
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State-of-the-art F3B and F3F-glider! available versions: *F3B-C93: Standard version for F3B and Alround. *F3B-Spreadtow-C80: Exclusive version for F3B competition. *F3F-C160: solid version for F3F and slope soaring More versions,details and buil… mehr »
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Crossfire-2 video

New videos of CROSSFIRE-2 from Bernhard Klar: More videos of CROSSFIRE-2 and other Aer-O-Tec-models; see Youtube-channel of user "Orcaf3j" ! mehr »
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New version and design pattern for CROSSFIRE-2

See new design pattern for Crossfire-2: Further more new Spreadtow carbon C80 wings are available! mehr »
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New CROSSFIRE-2 available now !

Model with protection covers for fuselage, wing and tail !Ready installed linkage and horns for V-tail! Ready installed tow-hook! 2.4-friendly fuselage, wings and tail with Giga-Flaps. Ballast(1 kg),cables,connectors,quicklinks, servo box covers, RD… mehr »
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