« New version and design pattern for CROSSFIRE-2

New CROSSFIRE-2 available now !

Model with protection covers for fuselage, wing and tail !Ready installed linkage and horns for V-tail!
Ready installed tow-hook! 2.4-friendly fuselage, wings and tail with Giga-Flaps.

Ballast(1 kg),cables,connectors,quicklinks, servo box covers, RDS-system, servoframes for s3150, servoboard fuselage, carbonjoiner.

*Building service
Also available: servos, receiver, batteries...

Based on the experience from our successful Crossfire eVo and world Championship winning Crossfire F3B we proudly present the new CROSSFIRE-2.

Further experience came from our previous designs such as TOOL (Stratair) and TARGET (airsport products).
New feature on Aer-O-Tec gliders is a slip-off nose cone - proven details such as 2-piece wing and v-tail or carbon joiner and ballast-system were still evident on this new high performance F3B-competition glider.

We use a one-piece vacuum laminated fuselage to get maximum strength and low weight.
The new airfoil ( 7,9 -7,55 thickness !! ) is optimized for best distance performance and high speed runs. Thermal performance and good handling will be achieved from a long tail boom and sufficant v-tail area.

F3B versions come with complete hardware package( small parts, ballast, wing bags...) and RDS -prepration . Wing are double carbon up to aileron servo box and single carbon for wing tips. Fuselage comes with ready installed v-tail linkage and tow-hook with 2.4 ready nose and carbon tail boom.
Slim fuselage (34mm x 49mm)- but 2.4 WEATRONIC receiver will fit perfectly ! We offer also selected RC-systems and servos for our models - please ask for offer...

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