Colour configurator TANGA F3B

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Colour configurator TANGA J

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Features like 2-piece v-tail, 2-piece wing and large flaps of our new model TANGA F3J offer some alternative to proven F3J design like SATORI or ORCA !
You may also install electro gear like Kontronik drive sets and convert it to a high performance F5J electro glider....just ask for an offer !

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Aer-O-Tec is the new distributor of F3B-Modell TANGA from ! You will benefit from our proven service and consultation.
Tanga features a higher wing area than our recent F3B-models . Therefor it will fit to our existing model offer pefectly.
TANGA comes with full hardware, small parts and choice of full carbon construction or 2.4-friedly fuselage !

TANGA exclusiv Set: Price: 1350.- Euro + shipping.

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